Myth #2: Midwives work on the fringe of medical care

8generations Birth Services has established strong relationships with hospital based care providers for those situations when consultation and collaboration are indicated. In these situations, I accompany clients to the hospital and continue care. That may be helping to navigate the hospital based care and offering support, comfort measures and continuity of care or resuming full care if the concerns are addressable and low-risk pregnancy is maintained.

Myth #3: Homebirth is Expensive

Did you know homebirth is covered by insurance in Vermont and 8generations Birth Services is IN-NETWORK with CIGNA, BCBS and Medicaid.  Each plan is different, so to be sure I recommend running a 'Verification of Benefits'. For $25 my billing specialist will contact your insurer and determine coverage levels, out-of-pocket expenses, your deductibles and co-pays. That way, you know exactly what to expect.